Time series data aggregation
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Hello everyone. I have a time series csv data that has 28 million rows and the following columns.

Year Month Day hour osm_way_id osm_start_node_id osm_end_node_id speed_mph_mean speed_mph_stddev
2019 12 6 19 147247978 6504105346 1604745704 18.72 1.482

This an example showing the columns and one example row.


The data is too much for me to open with excel or Tableau. I was advised to reduce the number of rows by aggregating the data. Please I have the following questions:

  1. will aggregating the data actually reduce the number of rows from 28 million?

  2. and if so, how do I aggregate the data in excel?

  3. Is there a better platform than excel that I can use to aggregate the data? like some database?

  4. What does it really mean to aggregate a time series data?

Thank you very much.

27-04-2022 18:43:23