6 important points to consider before seeking home tuition in Kolkata

09-04-2019 15:11:20

home tuition in kolkata

Most of the parents today are worried about seeking the best home tuition in kolkata. In this case, there are certain important points that you need to consider before seeking the services. Getting a quality tutor is really a difficult task today. Most of the teacher are either under qualified or over qualified for this task. In both the scenario the student’s development falls in a stake. Hence before selecting a tutor for your child you first need to consider certain important points. 

Mode of tuition that you want to get

Today, in Kolkata the system of imparting private tuitions has also modified a lot. There are basically two modes of private tuition available in the city today. First is the traditional home tuition in Kolkata and second one is the online tuitions in Kolkata. In both the cases the choice of tutors and their experience matters a lot. But in case of online tutors you have more options and convenience compared to offline tuitions.  

So, let’s explore some of the key points that you need to consider before seeking the assistance of a private tutors.

home tuition in kolkata

Tutors qualification and background:- 

The qualification and the background of the home tutor in kolkata play a very vital role in selecting a teacher. Before you seek the assistance of any tutor you must cross check their details first. Now in case of online selection of teachers is done by an agency who have years of experience in screening the CV’s of the teacher. On the other hand in case of offline mode you need to check it on your own. 

The class size of the teacher plays a vital role:-    

The class size of the private tutor matters the most for your student. The reason being smaller the size the better will be it for your child. More attention and individual care is possible in case of small size of private tuition classes in Kolkata. Students will get better insights of the concepts to score well in the exam.

Testimonials of the tutor:-     

Testimonials of the private tutor speak thousand words about the teacher than his own words. So, the best way to judge a teacher is to cross check his /her testimonials and the guardian’s feedback about the teacher. These small but crucial things can change the academic performance of your child. In case, of an agency they will provide you the details but in case you search it on your own it will be difficult to get the same.

Cross check the track records of the tutor:-   

Before seeking the admission to a tutor it is very important to understand the track records of the tutor. In this regard certain things are very crucial regarding this matter.

  1. Test results of the past and existing candidates
  2. Classroom grades of the students     
  3. Home work completion of the students on regular basis
  4. Survey the level of satisfaction the parents and students have after seeking his /her services. 

  These are some of the important facts that is essential while you cross check the track records of a coaching center or a qualified private tutor for your child.  

When and where will the sessions will take place:-

The time and place of the sessions plays a very crucial role in selecting a tutor. This will have a direct impact of the preparation pattern of the students. After getting the tuition they also need some time to prepare for the next class. Thus the location of the private tutor before the session is very important factor.   

What is the way of teaching:-  

The way a teacher teaches matters a lot. The reason being it can easily make or break a student’s career. Hence before selecting a teacher for home tuition in Kolkata you need to be cautious about these facts.   

From where you can get quality home tuition or tutors in Kolkata   

From Gurusiksha you can get the quality teachers online. They also have online app from where you can book the tutor as per your choice by viewing their past experience and testimonials. To know more about gurusiksha and all post to explore more. In their online platform best teachers of the states are impaneled. Just you need to cross check the best private tutors that will satisfy your requirement.     


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